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WhyPsy is an all-in-one mental health resource platform.

Behind WhyPsy are a team of psychologists, researchers, counsellors, and designers who are representative of the communities they serve and support. We are committed to empowering people from all backgrounds with diverse needs to access appropriate mental health support.

What We Do

WhyPsy focuses on the barriers that prevent individuals from accessing mental health services rather than primarily extending our efforts on the services themselves. Instead of focusing on the people who have decided to seek out mental health services (preparation stage), we divert our attention to those in the pre-contemplation or contemplation stages of approaching mental health services. We want to offer the necessary tools and resources to make mental health services accessible, barring any obstacle that may get in the way.


WhyPsy aims to ease various barriers to mental health accessibility by providing services that include helping non-native speakers understand what their insurance covers, partnering with organizations that offer low-cost or free mental health services, and nuanced and educational resources on our website.


Through these efforts, WhyPsy wants to help the 1 in five Canadians who experience mental health or addiction problems and the 80% of Canadians who do not receive counselling or professional help when experiencing such turbulences due to various reasons like cost or stigma.

Stage of Changes

Our Core Values

Our Team

Our Directors

Mohamed El-Rafih
Mohamed El-Rafih
Executive Director
Dr. Rose Joudi
Dr. Rose Joudi
Program Director

Our Leadership and Research Team

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